Matt Mollison, Ph.D.

My Data Projects and Software

  • I keep most code-based projects on GitHub github main.

  • TensorFlow RNN tutorial tensorflow blogpost: (Repo no longer hosted) A brief tutorial on applying recurrent neural networks to a speech recognition task. Also check out the public GitHub repository github tensorflow rnn.

  • PyData SF 2016 ARIMA Tutorial ARIMA tutorial: (Repo no longer hosted) Time series modeling tutorial co-developed with Jeffrey Yau, SVDS's VP of Data Science.

  • Gerrymandering blog post gerrymandering blogpost: A quantitative analysis of the state of gerrymandering in US congressional districts. Also check out the interactive visualization interactive and GitHub repository github gerrymandering (repo no longer hosted).

  • This Is Happening github happening: Web app for discovering current social events in the real world based on Twitter and Instagram activity.

  • mat-mvm github mat-mvm: MATLAB-based wrapper scripts and functions for dealing with behavioral data (with specialized scripts for PyEPL, but it generalizes pretty well) and Net Station EEG data, and subsequently performing analyses using FieldTrip.

  • expertTrain github expertTrain: MATLAB- and Psychtoolbox-based experiment for multiple learning and memory experiment paradigms. These include perceptual expertise training, the spacing effect, and stimulus comparisons.

  • LabLackey github LabLackey: iOS framework for running psychology experiments.

Other Resources

A list [link] of some free/open-source software for Mac OS X that I either use myself or like the idea of.